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Death in Arab culture: rituals carried out

Death in Arab culture is the beginning of a new world, that’s why people must prepare for the true life that comes when Allah wills it.

Preparation of the ritual

Salar Ataie Death in Arab culture rituals carried out

According to Arab traditions, both the funeral and the burial are done as soon as possible to quickly release the soul of the deceased. To do this, a series of rituals are followed, such as:

  • The cleaning of the deceased

After death, the deceased begins to be bathed, an action that must be carried out by a person of the same sex as the deceased and from their own family.

  • Wrap the body in the Kafan

The body is wrapped in an unadorned white cotton cloth, called Kafan.

  • The sentence

The body is taken to a place in the open air to carry out this ritual, which is directed by the Imam, the one in charge of presiding over the prayer in the mosque.

  • The burial

Known as Al-dafin, the burial is carried out without a coffin, which can only be attended by men.

After the burial, the family goes through a three-day mourning period called Hidaad, during which time luxurious clothing and jewelry cannot be worn. If the woman loses her husband, she must observe four months and ten days of mourning called Iddah.


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