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Salar Ataie

The arrival of a baby in the Arab culture

In the Arab culture there is no preference between boys and girls, since both men and women were created from a single person who was Adam and they are equal except in terms of piety and righteousness. To celebrate the arrival of the baby, several traditions are carried out.

Traditions that are carried out for the arrival of a baby

Salar Ataie The arrival of a baby in the Arab culture
  • Bathing the baby after birth

A purifying bath that starts with the head, followed by the right side of the body, then the other half.

  • Recite the Adhan and the Iqamah

The first thing the baby should hear is the Adhan, which is said in the right ear and the Iqamah is said in the left, to sensitize him to the worship of Allah.

  • Give date juice

The first taste that the baby should try is something sweet, so date juice or honey is placed on the lips.

  • Shave hair

The hair of newborns is shaved and the weight of the hair is estimated in gold or silver to be given in charity.

  • Circumcise the male child on the seventh day

Part of the rights of male children is circumcision, as it is related to purity and implies total submission to the will of God.

  • Do the Walimah

The Ualimah consists of sacrificing a lamb to celebrate the birth of the new member of the family.

  • Give it a good name

It is advisable to place names that remember that they are servants of Allah.


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