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The Lailat Al-Barat: the night of Salvation

Arab culture is characterized by having celebrations that reinforce family union, as well as social relationships, in addition to commemorating the most important religious episodes that are established in the Holy Book of the Koran, and the Lailat Al-Barat is one of them.

What is Laylat Al-Barat?

Salar Ataie The Lailat Al-Barat: the night of Salvation

Laylat Al-Barat, also known as the night of Salvation, forgiveness, absolution or purification, is a time that invites Muslims to seek forgiveness for the sins that were committed during the previous year and is celebrated two weeks before Ramadan.

It is believed that, on that night, there is a change in the divine government, so it is propitious that an exhaustive study of what has been done well and badly be made, so that a new beginning can be produced.

What is done during the night of salvation?

During this night, people stay awake and pray and worship so that Allah may forgive all their sins and start a new year pure, clean and free from evil in their hearts. Lailat Al-Barat is not a holiday, so it is not customary to congratulate Muslims when they arrive at a place, but it is possible to talk about how important this celebration is and how fundamental it is to worship Allah.


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