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Mosques: holy place for Muslims

Every religion has a special place where people gather to pray and communicate with God. Muslims have their place of worship called a mosque.

What are mosques?

Mosques are structures where Muslims gather as a community to perform salat, they are covered with carpets since benches and chairs are not used. Its spaces are delimited so that both men and women are separated at the time of prayers. Likewise, it is a fundamental center during Ramadan and they are places where disputes are resolved as well as religious teachings are taught.

Parts of the mosques

Salar Ataie Mosques holy place for Muslims
  • The Mihrab

Mihrab is called a semicircular niche that is located in the wall of the mosque and indicates the qibla, that is, the direction where the Kaaba is located, in Mecca.

  • The Minaret

The Minaret is a tall tower located in one of the corners of the mosque and is the place from which prayer is called five times a day.

  • The Min bar

It is a raised stage where the Imam is placed, who is responsible for giving the khutba or sermon.

  • Decor

In the decoration, a number of Islamic art is used, including the arabesque and extravagant patterns that imitate the shapes of leaves, flowers, fruits or ribbons. Some verses of the Koran can also be read.


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