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Prayers that make up the Salat

The prayer that every Arab performs is known as Salat. The person who prays must clean his body and clothes, which is known as ablution, then he is placed on a carpet that is oriented towards the Cava of Mecca, which is considered the house of God and where the divine touches the earthly.

What is Salat?

The Salat groups five prayers that are made at specific times of the day, it is a practice that is part of the life of every Muslim.

Prayers that make up the Salat

Salar Ataie Prayers that make up the Salat
  • The fajr

It is the first of the five daily prayers whose meaning is sunrise. This prayer is made from the beginning of dawn until sunrise.

  • The Dhuhr

It is the second prayer of the Salat and is performed at noon.

  • The asr

It is the mid-afternoon prayer and it is done silently.

  • The maghrib

It takes place between sunset and dusk.

  • The Isha

It is the last prayer of the day and is done at night. It is mandatory for a man to recite Surah al-Fâtiha and the second Surah out loud. Women can recite the surahs quietly or loudly.

Preparation for each prayer

Before each prayer, people perform wudu, which is a process that involves washing their hands, face, arms, and feet.


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