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The Arab marriage: a means to achieve chastity in the couple

Marriage is very important in Arab culture because it is a means to achieve chastity for the couple in society. Islam considers it as an alternative for man to satisfy his physical and emotional needs. Likewise, it prohibits the man from fornicating with any woman.


Rights and duties of women

Salar Ataie The Arab marriage: a means to achieve chastity in the couple
  • Be treated with respect and equality

This means that the woman must be fully respected, especially in her feelings.

  • Receive sustenance

The woman acquires the right to maintenance by her dedication and company to her husband, by her permanence in the home or simply by being the wife.

  • Contribute to the well-being of the home

The wife has the obligation to help the success and blessing of the marriage, as well as to be aware of her spouse.

  • Be obedient to the husband

The woman must obey her husband and not do anything that annoys him and not leave her house if the partner does not give his permission.

Rights and duties of the husband

  • Respond financially

The husband is committed to the financial maintenance of his wife.

  • Not be a despot

The man must have an authority based on fairness and understanding, avoid despotism and oppression.

Islam attaches great importance to marriage and family as they are considered as customs coming from the prophets and their praiseworthy deeds.


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