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Sweet Ramadan

Fasting, prayer, meeting with the family, the effort to live as close as possible to God, mark the days and nights of this month.

In Arab countries, where the population is majority Muslim, this month is accompanied by an explosion of cakes, pastries and sweet drinks. Food stores are crammed with trays full of chebakias, basbusas, Zaynab fingers, baklawas. These delicacies are rich in sugars, vegetable fats and nuts, ideal ingredients to lift your spirits after a whole day without eating or drinking.

The explosion of cakes, pastries and sweet drinks

Salar Ataie Sweet Ramadan

Chebakias are the star product of Moroccan Ramadan. The chebakia is made with a fine flour dough flavored with toasted sesame, saffron, sesame seeds and orange blossom water. This dough, which is shaped into a star, is fried in oil and later bathed in hot honey.

Also made from fried dough are the so-called Zaynab fingers, a typical Palestinian delicacy. In this case, the phyllo dough wraps chopped and buttered walnuts. The resulting roll is baked or fried and flavored with a syrup composed of lemon, orange blossom water and sugar.

The basbusa is another typical sweet of the month of Ramadan. It is a semolina cake baked and bathed in syrup that is covered with different nuts depending on the region.


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