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Types of Tasbih and their uses

When you see a Muslim, his very different attire draws attention, but, above all, an object in the form of a necklace that he carries in his hand. This camándula is known as Tasbih and is used to pray the dhikr, which is a ritual that Muslims perform after each of the five obligatory prayers.

What is Tasbih?

Salar Ataie Types of Tasbih and their uses

The Tasbih, also known as Masbaha or Misbaha, is a kind of necklace or rosary made up of a rope where thirty-three beads are arranged and end in a tassel or ornament.


  • Various sizes, materials and colours: The most used materials are wood and plastic, and the predominant colors are black, beige, white and ivory.
  • Its meaning is swimming: It refers to being submerged in the ocean of Allah’s love and that he is in charge of having control.
  • Diverse use: Even though its primary use is religious, it can be used in different ways, either to keep your hands busy, get rid of stress or simply maintain a custom.

Types of Tasbih

  • Wooden tasbih

Wood is synonymous with humility and simplicity.

  • Black onyx

It is very common to give it to the elderly as a sign of respect and appreciation.

  • Misbah of Fayrouz

It helps to avoid the evil eye and the negative energies produced by the envoy.


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